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Human Unitec International (OTCPK: HMNU) Contributing to a Sustainable and Green Future

Human Unitec International (OTCPK: HMNU), is engaged in Project Finance, Development, and Asset Management business strategies. These ground-breaking projects lie within the Renewable Energy, Medical & Wellness, and Green Technology niches. Stockify Media believes there is upside potential in Human Unitec. We’ve outlined some of our research opinions to support our stance below.

As investors on the OTC look past outdated technology and overcrowded sectors. The shift in investment interest worldwide towards a green sustainable society is real. We are seeing a lot of positive momentum in these markets. Human Unitec is off to a great start in becoming a leader in recycling plants that aim to eliminate the need for landfills. Human Unitec also pursues technologies for green energy production.

Technical Point of View

At first glance, we can see that volume has picked up tremendously since the beginning of June 2020. This volume has been consistent throughout its consolidation period from prior highs. HMNU recently showed signs of life and the market spread looked thin. The stock traded about 2.7m shares, hitting a high of .029 on the recent Biomass plant acquisition.

20 Day MA test on news release July 21st.

Previous Close: .0143

52wk High: .14

Free Float: 84,683,433 shares

Corporate Highlights:

Human Unitec released their Q2 2020 results via OTCmarkets on July 17th.  Some of the notable highlights found by Stockify Media include,

Profitable with $1,296,378 net income representing an 8% increase over Q120.

Increased revenue by 12% over Q120.

Increased Inventory by 68% over Q120.

Increased Total Assets by 18% over Q120.

Increased Current Assets by 57% over Q120.

Cash at End of Period: $2,788,949.78 representing an 86% increase over Q120.

Currently, Human Unitec Intl. receives revenue from multiple subsidiary holdings. One of the promising prospects in the lineup is their MSK Kinesis brand.

In October 2016, HMNU acquired MSKKinesis, a Florida corporation, engaged in the innovation and marketing of healthcare equipment. The healthcare equipment is focused on pain management technology.

On May 11, 2020, HMNU announced the acquisition of exclusive commercial rights in the U.S, Canada, and e-commerce markets for Astaxanthin. Proven treatment of respiratory and inflammatory problems spurring from resilient viruses and infections.

The company stated some recent achievements, “Human Unitec International’s MKS Kinesis brand has achieved 3 key achievements including: a) MSK Kinesis Therapies for neck and back pain and other ailments b) Astaxanthin ready for distribution and sales c) e-commerce website for online sales.

Astaxcare Beneficial Breakdown:

Subsidiary Highlights:

On June 8th, Human Unitec Intl. finalized a non-dilutive acquisition with Arquata Logistics services for 60% of rights, Arquata brought in $2.1m USD in 2019 income.  

Arquata’s website:

Stockify media suggests readers check out the list of all subsidiaries and stakes on Human Unitec’s website here.

What is the GRONE project?

The GRONE is a waste management technology that functions as a municipal solid waste (MSW) sorting center and power plant. The GRONE has a variety of streamlined operations to it. In June 2016, Human Unitec Intl. acquired 100% intellectual rights for these technologies applied to plastic and used tire recycling.

Some notable GRONE applications include,

  1. Energy transference from the system that can power water desalination plants.
  2. Using the waste as a fuel source for standalone operations.

The goal of the GRONE is to eliminate the need for landfills. An action we are seeing a push on Political and Socio-Cultural fronts globally.

Check out the recent redirection of over 100 cities trash to an MSW plant in Maine!

How is Human Unitec International (HMNU) capitalizing on the GRONE?

HMNU struck a $40.8m binding purchase agreement with Palladium Investments SA, of Lugano, Switzerland on June 11, 2020, to build the first GRONE plant in Saudi Arabia. This purchase agreement includes six plants.

As per the June 29th release, HMNU has successfully launched their prototype for a 10-ton capacity recycling plant with Grupo Sedda of Porto Torres. This plant is currently conducting operations for tire recycling. The average annual net income to be generated is $1.8m USD. With a budgeted investment cap at only $2m.

On June, 30th an extension was made to include a second GRONE purchase. However, this one is for plastic recycling, with a 10-ton max for electricity production.

Group Sedda founder, Andrea Sedda commented on the deal, “We are very happy to have the chance to build this fantastic equipment in Sardinia. The GRONE plant represents a significant evolution in the growth of the renewable green energy for our country and our environment. Economically, a 10 tons plant is able to produce up to 8 tons of green eco diesel a day, equal to 12,600,000 KW/year or over Euros (€) 2,772,000 in net revenues.”

The combined purchase price with Group Sedda’s order of 2 GRONE plants exceeds $3.9m USD

Most recently, Human Unitec revealed a purchase agreement for a Biomass Plant located in Cecina, Italy. This purchase agreement is significant because of the standing partnership with GSE. The company stated, “This Biomass plant has an official 20 year contract with GSE, a governmental financial institution, where GSE has contracted to purchase 100% of the energy that the plant is and will be producing.”

The biomass plant is currently generating €250,000 or about $289,000 in annual income.

Human Unitec priced the Biomass plant at €800,000 > About $925,000 USD.


Company Contact Info

Human Unitec International

Phone: (413) 327-9567




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